Saturday, August 31, 2013

Step Two - The project

Hello All,

Let's start talking about the project and what are my responsibilities. I'm the technical leader, scrum master and sometimes project manager. I got this opportunity after a meeting with our CIO. I was, actually I still am, responsible for be the focal point the partnership between my company and one of the biggest research companies of the world. One of the topics that I'd researched was SDLC - software development life cycle - and Agile. The company I work for uses a process based on RUP - I still think it is ok to use it but I also think that are projects the can deliver better results with agile - and, because some missed deadlines start to think about change. I was frequently proposing new ways to do software testing - I was hired to be a Test Analyst - and to change process - now I'm doing finishing a postgrad degree in BPM. So they decided to give me a chance. They offer me the opportunity to participate in a project that we have to deliver a system that allows our clients to use mobile devices to sell products in our ERP systems.
I said yes and got the challenge! The team is very motivated to use Agile. One of our team members did something like that before and the others want to learn how to work this way. It is good to have the butterfly in my stomach again. The CIO have so much expectation on this project and we have a chance to change the way we do some projects here.
Now, talking about the project, we have some of the work done for another team that delivered a version of the application with limitations. We are going to improve it so it can be commercialized and used for our clients.

So, that is it for now.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about our team and the inception deck for the project.

Have a great day.


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